Tsugi Static Files (Cross-Language)

This is part of the Tsugi Project. This holds the static files used by the Tsugi framework. These files are shared between the Tsugi implementations in various languages.

This code is stored in the https://github.com/tsugiproject/tsugi-static - if you need to make a change to these files, please fork that repo and send a pull request.

You can check this out locally into the htdocs folder next to your Tsugi developer console (/tsugi) or just use the copy stored in the CloudFlare CDN at:


If you don't specify the staticroot in your Tsugi config.php it will use the above URL to serve static content. If you want to serve it locally if you are on a plane or behind a firewall check it out and then set the configuration similar to the following:

    $CFG->staticroot = $CFG->wwwroot . '/../tsugi-static';  // Relative
    $CFG->staticroot = 'http://localhost/tsugi-static';  // Absolute
    $CFG->staticroot = 'http://localhost:8888/tsugi-static';   // MAMP
    $CFG->staticroot = 'https://static.tsugi.org';   // MAMP
Or something similar.